Ignas Kutavicius was born and raised in the city of Klaipeda, Lithuania. Surrounded by creative people since his birth and having a family tree full of designers, musicians and other creative professionals he was destined to become an artist as well. In early childhood he started developing a high interest in documenting everything and everyone around him using drawings, videos and photography. It didn't take long for this hobby to grow and become a way of life full of passion to create new things.

After graduating high school in Sweden Ignas chose to study graphic design and web development in the University of Jönköping. After his studies he fell back to photography and started working with it professionally. Taking every opportunity to try new things he explored a high variety of different photographic work fields. His commercial work includes interior photography for real-estate agencies, followed by school photography specializing in portraits and group photos. Currently he works as a product photography for one of the biggest webshops in Scandinavia while studying his third year of his bachelor degree in Digital Media. In addition he is often self-involved in different individual projects and takes every oportunity to travel the world with his camera.

As an artist he is very curious and likes to experiment with different ways of capturing photographic images. He takes every opportunity to try different techniques, both modern and old. Together with a group of friends he runs a non-profit artist organization TEMA (International Experimental Art Action) based in Klaipeda, Lithuania. It is easiest described as a collaboration of musicians, illustrators, designers and other type of artists that organize cultural events like concerts, exhibitions and performances. Apart from this Ignas actively participates individually in many different international exhibitions and art projects, presenting his work and hosting workshops.


2015/09 Pinhole Selfie Uppsala Photo Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2015/04 Selfie Urban Artroom (Göteborg, Sweden)
2014/08 Pinhole Selfie Planket 2014 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2013/09 Photo Experiments Uppsala Photo Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2013/08 Solargraphy Planket 2013 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2013/06 Time In A Can Fundación Diario (Madrid, Spain)
2013/04 Solargraphy Panke (Berlin, Germany)
2012/08 Solargraphy Uppsala fotofestival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2012/08 Instant Experiments Planket 2012 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2012/08 Photo Opus Fluxus Ministerija (Kaunas, Lithuania)
2012/04 Curious camera Arts Eye Gallery (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
2011/08 Solargraphy Planket 2011 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2011/07 Solargraphy TEMA art factory (Klaipeda, Lithuania)


2015/02 BBC Click 'Pinhole Selfies' Camera Unveiled
2012/09 Impossible Project 101 Ways to Do Something Impossible