Ignas was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania and grew up around artists. From a young age, his creative mind and his interest in technology led him to photography. For him it was the perfect medium for expression and storytelling. With this passion came years of experimenting with different techniques, styles, genres and cameras. For Ignas, photography is a lifestyle. His innovative methods and styles have generated international recognition through several publications and awards. He has participated in art projects, festivals and exhibitions all around Europe.


Ignas studied Graphic Design and Web Development at the University of Jönköping and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in digital media at Högskolan Väst. In addition to photography and videography, his set of creative tools include graphic design, animations, special effects and coding. Currently, Ignas is working as a digital producer at the company Plejd. His proffesional experience extends in past positions of many years, such as an operative studio manager at Jollyroom and photographer at Autolane. Some of the work he has done for these companies can be seen under the “Commercial” section of this website.


Traveling the world has become one of Ignas’ biggest passions. Fueled by curiosity, he loves discovering new places, experiencing different cultures and seeking new adventures. Ignas views the world as a canvas through a camera lens.

“The excitement of visiting new places heightens our senses and we become much more observant, which is all inspiration a street photographer needs.” - Ignas Kutavicius


2015/09 Pinhole Selfie Uppsala Photo Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2015/04 Selfie Urban Artroom (Göteborg, Sweden)
2014/08 Pinhole Selfie Planket 2014 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2013/09 Photo Experiments Uppsala Photo Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2013/08 Solargraphy Planket 2013 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2013/06 Time In A Can Fundación Diario (Madrid, Spain)
2013/04 Solargraphy Panke (Berlin, Germany)
2012/08 Solargraphy Uppsala fotofestival (Uppsala, Sweden)
2012/08 Instant Experiments Planket 2012 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2012/08 Photo Opus Fluxus Ministerija (Kaunas, Lithuania)
2012/04 Curious camera Arts Eye Gallery (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
2011/08 Solargraphy Planket 2011 (Göteborg, Sweden)
2011/07 Solargraphy TEMA art factory (Klaipeda, Lithuania)


2015/02 BBC Click 'Pinhole Selfies' Camera Unveiled
2012/09 Impossible Project 101 Ways to Do Something Impossible